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Snapshots is a Hit!!

The reviews are in, and they are universal: Snapshots is a hit!

“The Schwartz songs, with almost 50% of the lyrics new compared to their original form, are a feast for the ear…”Talkin Broadway

“…despite the songs’ disparate sources, many share an emotional tenor — soul-bearing, bright-eyed, unashamedly sentimental…”The Seattle Times

“A lovingly crafted crazy-quilt of sound & story”Heed the Hedonist

“….Stephen Schwartz’s endearing songs and lyrics keep us engaged in this bittersweet tale.”Seattle PI

“Hysterically funny and heart-achingly poignant.” “The emotions will elicit tears of laughter and tears of sorrow.”Issaquah Press

“…it’s a truly universal story, which a lot couples can relate to.”Seattle Gay Scene


Make sure you buy your tickets now:

Issaquah: Now through October 18, 2015

Everett: October 23 – November 15, 2015

Tucson: November 28 – December 19, 2015

Phoenix: December 30 – January 17, 2016


Snapshots Opens September 10th!

Snapshots is deep in rehearsal at The Village Theatre in Issaquah, WA, preparing for Opening Night! P1020239The show is sure to be wonderful with the amazing vocal talents of the cast being musically directed by the great RJ Trancioco. Danny Goldstein brings his remarkable direction to this production, and David Farley has designed a fantastic set. All told, this will be the ultimate production of the show. Don’t miss it!